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Love this game!

Good game

Its really fun

Don’t play this game its a waste of time

This game is too difficult to play with unexpected obstacles that you can’t avoid hitting them.this games just plays with your nerves and makes you angry.will delete it immediately and won’t download any other game from this company

Great app


Catch up

Great game

LOVE ❤️ this GAME it cool 😎

I really like this game it’s really awe some I am in middle school and me and my friends love this game it cool calm and peaceful 😍😍🌷🌹😌😌😌😌



This game is awesome

This game is awesome and I really hope you keep making more games like this and if you do make one that you fall out of the sky if you miss one of those bouncy things


This game I hate it jk I love it ultimate fun time prepare to lose hours playing amazing game get it

Wow i thout mote

Catch. Up is fun but boring i think they can do better i hate rolling sky and i hate this more rhan rolling sky

I love it


Good game

I liked this game


Great game !!!

This Awesome Game

This game is awesome in every single way *Rate Five Star*

Easy to pick up

Very simple and fun game. If you like feeling rewarded for completing tasks then you will live this game. Many many things rewards to unlock.

I love it

This game is amazing! I got it a few days ago, and can not put it down. I have developed a few tricks to help me get a higher score. 5 stars easily! 😍😍


Really fun and addictive game

Cool game

Great game love it but it could be easer to unlock balls

SO Addictive

This game is Crazy fun, Crazy hard, and Crazy Addictive!!!!!!! I'm so obsessed with this game and all ketchapp games!!!

Addictive 🔥😁

This game is very addictive and really fun is like I could play with this game every single day to be honest I would rate this a 4!!!! This game is like up the notch my score is 300 that’s how addictive this game is 💕💕💕💕

Katchapp Catch Up

This is a fun game and a little addictive. I downloaded this app today and it’s a pretty cool app. I love most katchapp games.


I love it, but i think there should be a multiplayer mode. Maybe a race mode, it would truly test skills against friends or contacts from phone numbers. It would be more competitive and even MORE addicting.


I absolutely love this game but, what do you do with the money after getting all the balls you can get in the game with just money? Do you just keep collecting money? OR is there going to be an update to the game to get more fabulous balls!! I would like to have at least one ball to each update they make even if it's fixing bugs. That would keep people playing. Your Welcome and Thank You! <3

Omg sooooooo fun! 😍😍

Omg sooooooo fun!😍😍

Good game

It is a overall good game. Every you get a prize.

Great game, ball is too expensive though.

I truly love the game, but I think 400 gems are too expensive for 1 ball, leaving out the fact that the most expensive ball is over 6k! I would love the game EVEN MORE if the balls were 100 to 200 gems, and that the gems were easier to get.


Fun af, this whole company has amazing games for when you're restless or anxious or bored

I couldn't get a better game

I love this game. It is just so fun

super fun!

i do not regret downloading this game off of instagram! very addicting and very easy to play❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love this game

This game is addicting! Great for passing time during tv commercials! Love the dark mode too, helps for sensitive eyes. iCloud does not save your data for this app, I lost everything when I got my new phone. So sad!

Very Addictive

I love this game can't stop playing!


It’s a cool game


This company keeps pumping out games that don't have much work in them and are littered with ads. It's getting annoying at this point seeing so many of these games. You actually have to pay to get rid of all the ads. Waste of time.

Good slash bad

I think the gam run general is pretty good, but what ticked me of was I got a high score of 174, and it didn’t save.this happened to me before where I got a 182, and that ALSO didn’t save as my high score! Those were really hard to get so I got very annoyed.☹️☹️👍👎

A Great Game !

I love all the unique and colorful balls u can pick from! Also the obstacles are challenging but super fun! This game is the BEST!!❤️❤️👌👌👌👍👍

Fun But Difficult

These game is fun and addictive. But it’s extremely difficult and fast for someone new to the game. The difficulty and speed makes you think about quitting and uninstalling the game. The game needs different difficulty levels or slower ball speeds to allow a new player to build up their ball control skills. Maybe then players would get so addicted to the game, they would be willing to invest in a paid version. If these changes were made, it would earn 5 stars from me.

I love this game



Ok so, I love all of your ketchapp games, but this one, an ad pops up while I’m still playing almost every time. And if I can’t see, I obviously can’t play very well. There is a way to close the ad, but that requires swiping diagonally and it also moves the ball to the side, and I die. Please find a way to fix this. Otherwise I love all your games and hope you fix this. I know ads are the only way you can earn money, but ads should pop up when I’m NOT playing.


This game is awesome!






This game is so fun and addicting

Fun game

Addicting game , super fun !

It’s chill and I think I found a sweatshirt

Kinda gay at times but what dya do

A lot of quick fun

Game is quick and fun. Not many adds. I wish there weren’t blocks positioned perfectly after a jump for my sphere to crash in to. I would like to be able to make a run for longer than a few minutes. Reminds me of an intense flying game.


It's difficult!


It's so addictive! Great for long car rides


The ball sometimes goes to. Fast but other then that it is very good but I do not want to go as fast as I would like

Needs more updates

It’s an addictive game, but you run out of things to do once you’ve bought/earned all the balls. Now I have a bunch of money and jumps, but what’s the use? They need to add more to keep the interest going.

So stressful, yet so addictive!!!

The title speaks for itself. I don’t see myself giving up on this game anytime soon.

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